About Us

ImageMaker is a full service ad agency that is specialized in 3D Visualization & Cinematic Communication for the Mining, Oil & Gas, Alternative Energies, Automation, Robotics, Marine, Engineering, Manufacturing, Simulation, Training and E-learning.

Since 1996, we have been enhancing communication through visualization using the latest audio visual techniques and marketing strategies that make a company stand out. Our highly skilled team has the ability to interpret complex 3D engineering models and transform them into technically accurate and visually striking & captivating 3D animations.

All our 3D Animation Presentations and Audio Visual products and services are designed to inform non-technical audiences such as investors, employees, local governments & the general public within a variety of industries and cultures and have helped our customers raise capital, inform communities, mitigate risks, optimize training, improve workplace safety and streamline industrial operations and maintenance procedures.

ImageMakers dedication and experience with the complexities and issues of the Resources, Automation, Engineering and Manufacturing Industries, coupled with the ability to combine strategic communication concepts with cinematic and artistic design and visual storytelling into compelling audio visual presentations, corporate documentaries or TV and web commercials, and explainer videos, makes us the perfect partner in the design and production of your investor relation, public relation, product personations, Corporate Presentations and Strategies.

Ten Reasons to work with ImageMaker:

  • Fortune 500 companies trust us with their projects: among our clients we service to 4 of global Fortune 500 companies, see list of our clients.
  • Our Clients love what we do: please read our clients testimonials and see what they are saying about our productions.
  • Our Experience: we have been servicing global companies for more than 20 years.
  • Our Expertise: Our staffs are among the best and most talented designers globally.
  • You can trust us with you technical data and sensitive information: we will sign a Non-disclosure agreement with you and will keep all your data and information save. you are insured that your data doesn’t get online or in hand of people that are not authorized to see them.
  • Technical skills & Industry Expertise: our team is not only talented in artistic accepts but also we have technical back ground and we are able to work with your technical and engineering information and data.
  • Dedicated project Manager to your project: One of the most essential components of a successful marketing campaign is proper communication between the brand team and the agency having open communication between you and your agency is critical to developing the right program. We will assign an experience project manage that you can contact any time to get a update on the project.
  • Pricing: we make sure that your production is done with highest possible quality for the lowest possible price.
  • Free Consultation: Our first meeting is free of charge, we will review and discuss your project with you and come up with the budget and time frame for delivery free of charge.
  • Easy to start your project: Just email us at [email protected] or Call us at 1.604.675.6999 to request an online meeting to discuss you project

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